Painted Christmas Banner

Painted Christmas Banner

After making a festive Halloween bunting earlier this year, I instantly started brainstorming a similar project for Christmas. Inspiration struck when I came across a package of four chipboard journal pages for a mere 25 cents at Michael’s! The holes meant for binder rings were perfect for stringing together a banner!

Painted Christmas Banner

I used a stencil as a guide to trace the phrase I wanted on my chipboard pieces in pencil, then filled them in with gold acrylic paint using a small paintbrush. This allowed me to tweak the shape of the letters a bit. I glued a strip of red and gold polka dotted ribbon at the bottom of each chipboard piece, wrapping the ends around the back so no frayed edges were visible.

Painted Christmas Banner

To further embellish this little display, I used thin pieces of wire to attach little Christmas trinkets (a mini wreath, a glitter bow, and a jingle bell) in between each letter. I love the extra holiday oomph these add!

Painted Christmas Banner

You can see how I used my bird clothesline to display my Christmas cards last year here.

Painted Christmas Banner

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