Endtable & Lamp Restyle

The dresser makeover for our nursery was a fairly big undertaking, however I have also been working on some smaller restyle projects for the same space. I’ve been wanting an end table and small lamp to put beside our glider. I found a wooden end table with good potential at Salvation Army for only $5.50. It had been poorly spray painted black, and I’m guessing that it was at one point bubblegum pink (as evidenced by the unpainted underside). As for the lamp, I opted to restyle something I already had on hand. This dated navy blue lamp has been in my husband’s possession as long as he can remember. It was sitting unused in our basement, and he gave me the okay to modernize it a bit so it was better suited for our nursery decor. Hooray!

Endtable & Lamp Restyle

I primed both the end table and lamp with Valspar spray primer. It nicely covered up the formerly dark hues, and enabled me to brighten them up. The lamp got a few coats of glossy yellow paint (the same Valspar Golden Abudance spray paint that I used on the dresser knobs). I swapped the faded navy blue shade for crisp white shade from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I painted the end table ultra white with a semi-gloss finish to match the other furniture in the room. Here are the results!

Endtable & Lamp Restyle

Here’s a side-by-side before and after so you can get the full effect. Much better, don’t you think?

Endtable & Lamp Restyle

Here is a peek at what this corner of the room is looking like with the addition of the newly painted end table and lamp. I still need to figure out what to put on the blank wall space behind the glider.
Endtable & Lamp Restyle

Little restyle projects like these have allowed us to create a fun nursery on a very tight budget. The plentiful DIY elements of the nursery make me (and my wallet) so happy!

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6 thoughts on “Endtable & Lamp Restyle

  1. That looks fabulous! The lamp was either bought when he moved out of the nursery into a big boy’s room in preparation for his baby sister’s birth, or for his room when we moved into this house…but either way it is at least 24 years old! So happy to see it a part of Baby’s room… :)
    The little table is perfect – the white paint is so crisp and clean looking and all pieces go so well together! I love the flower shape to the top of it!
    Well done!

    • There was a sticker on the bottom of the lamp that said 1986, so I figured as much! I love the flower shape on the table too – it helps keep it from being too “blah”. :)

  2. I continually am impressed with the creative DIY projects that are making the baby’s room just adorable! And, how meaningful it is to put all the loving touches into her room! With parents like you two, she is going to be a super creative lady herself!

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