What I Wore: Nine To Five-ish

What I Wore:

I am officially done with my nine to five job. I opted to take off some extra time before my baby arrives to pursue some personal projects that I have been wanting to focus on for a long, long time. After my daughter is born, I’ll be staying home to take care of her. I’ve been told countless times that motherhood is the most challenging and rewarding job there is. I couldn’t be more excited for this major life transition.

What I Wore:

What I Wore:

Even though I’m no longer heading into the office everyday, it’s important to me to still dress well. I’ve heard from so many people who work from home that it helps their productivity immensely when they put some effort into what they wear. I find this to be true for myself as well. I’m much more likely to tackle everything on my to do list when I’m dressed for the day!

What I Wore:

Shirt – Target (Maternity)
Skirt – thrifted (New York & Co.)
Shoes – Lindsay Phillips
Necklace – gift (Lia Sophia)
Watch – Target
Nails – Love & Beauty, Eggplant

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2 thoughts on “What I Wore: Nine To Five-ish

  1. It’s definitely true that dressing well for the day leads to higher productivity! For business folks that work at home, even dressing in a full suit could be a good idea because it inspires you to be as professional as you look!

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