Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes

Isn’t it awesome to find a recipe which combines two things that you adore? When I came across a recipe for Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes in the cookbook The Illustrated Kitchen Bible (recipe found online here), I did a little jump for joy. Smoked salmon AND potatoes? What’s not to love? These savory cakes are made by combining shredded potatoes, chopped smoked salmon, scallions, lemon zest, a beaten egg, and parsley. After forming this mixture into patties, they are covered in breadcrumbs seasoned with dill and parsley, and pan fried. I served my salmon cakes with fresh baby spinach and some lemon wedges.

Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes

These salmon cakes were a real treat. I loved the contrast between the crispy potato exterior to the savory salmon throughout. The lemon zest helps to brighten up the flavor of the whole dish.  The original recipe includes a dill mayonnaise which I skipped (no raw eggs for me at the time being), but I think an herbed sour cream garnish would also be quite delectable! I even enjoyed eating a leftover salmon cake cold over a salad the next day. This one is a keeper. :)

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