What I Wore: The Bride’s Entourage

The big weekend has arrived for my best friend’s wedding! I usually try to pack lightly when I travel, but with two events/outfits per day over the course of a long weekend, my suitcase is a bit heavier than usual. I may or may not have packed six pairs of shoes for our four day trip. ;)

What I Wore: Ladies' Night Out

This is what I wore to the bachelorette party/ladies’ night out yesterday. I actually had quite a tough time deciding what to wear. What exactly should a pregnant gal like myself wear to a bachelorette party anyhow? I ended up trying to create the illusion of a little black dress by tucking a sparkly top into a pencil skirt. With the addition of some fun gold accessories, it seemed to do the trick! Of course, I did eventually don a “Team Bride” t-shirt and a few glow stick bracelets – haha.

What I Wore: Ladies' Night Out

This is my favorite pair of dressy shoes (I actually don’t think they’ve made it to the blog previously). I’d purchased them almost four years ago to wear to my own wedding. While they didn’t make the final cut, I kept them as “special occasion” shoes.

What I Wore: Ladies' Night Out

I’ll hopefully have a few more of this weekend’s outfits to share over the course of next week. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for some more wedding weekend fun! :)

What I Wore: Ladies' Night Out

Shirt – Kohl’s
Skirt – H&M
Shoes – Van Eli
Earrings – Kohl’s
Belt – Lulu’s
Nails – OPI, My Throne For A Cranberry Scone

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