Green & White Bean Salad With Tuna

I am all for packing healthy lunches for work, so I can avoid needing to order in. At the same time, I sometimes get tired of the same old turkey sandwiches, or dinner leftovers, so I try to keep it interesting. My latest lunchbox creation was a Green & White Bean Salad with Tuna, which I really loved. You can find the full recipe online here.

Green & White Bean Salad With Tuna

This recipe was easy enough to whip up after I’d cooked dinner for the evening. It combines green beans, cannelini beans, red onion, pepperoncini, and albacore tuna in a dressing made of olive oil and white wine vinegar.

This salad is fairly healthy and had a great tang. I really liked the contrast between the buttery cannelini beans and the fresh, crisp taste of the blanched green beans. I’ll admit that in the past I really haven’t cared for cooked green beans – I much prefer to eat them raw. I may need to reevaluate that opinion now that I’ve tasted blanched green beans – they retain most of their crunch, and are only slightly softer. Mmm!

Green & White Bean Salad With Tuna

Also, this was my first time ever cooking with pepperoncini – making them my chosen new-to-me ingredient for February. Pepperoncini are pickled spicy peppers, which have a bit of a tart taste to them. I’d only previously seen pepperoncini used as a garnish, or as part of an antipasto platter. I’m glad my eyes are now opened to how else these little peppers can be used. They are a great salad topping, and I’ve also tried adding them to my scrambled eggs, which was quite tasty! 

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