What We Wore: Christmas Eve

Yesterday, my husband and I returned from a whirlwind weekend of Christmas traveling. Over five days we traveled through three states, saw my entire extended family, and spent a little over 15 hours in the car – whew! Our second big event after the Tacky Holiday Party was our annual Christmas Eve dinner at the house of my Great Aunt & Uncle. This gathering is a family tradition that pre-dates me by a long shot. It was my favorite thing to dress up for when I was a kid, and I always planned my outfit far in advance. In the early to mid nineties, you probably would see me in some variation of a thrifted velvet dress with a big lace collar. For 2011, I wanted to go a more sophisticated route.

What I Wore: Christmas Eve

This year, rather than buying a new dress for the occasion, I decided to remix some items already in my closet to create my holiday outfit. I tried to imitate a classic LBD by pairing a black sequin top with a black pencil skirt. My forest green tights and a gold belt were my “holiday” accents.

What I Wore: Christmas Eve

I also managed to incorporate three kinds of animal print into this outfit (leopard cardigan, peacock necklace, and snakeskin shoes).

What I Wore: Christmas Eve

The only “new to me” aspect of this outfit are the shoes, which I found for a mere $3.99 at Salvation Army two weeks ago! They are sturdily built, which makes walking in these heels a cinch.

What I Wore: Christmas Eve

My Outfit:
Shirt – Kohl’s
Cardigan – secondhand via a blog sale (buttons replaced by me)
Skirt – H&M
Tights – Target
Shoes – thrifted (Bass)
Necklace – Urban Outfitters
Belt – Charlotte Russe
Nails – OPI, Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ

My mom even let me raid her closet to help her pick out an outfit for the evening as well. It was fun to play closet consultant for a while and think up outfit combinations from a closet other than my own. My Mom is a self declared “tomboy”, and generally leans toward a more casual wardrobe. I dug up a nice thrifted blazer from her closet, which she had yet to wear, and helped create a classic, festive holiday outfit for her. She never wears necklaces, but I somehow convinced her to try wearing one of mine. I think statement necklaces really suit her – doesn’t her outfit look great? :)

Mom's Christmas Eve OutfitMom’s Outfit:
Blazer – thrifted
Shirt – thrifted
Skirt – Ann Taylor
Boots – thrifted
Necklace – borrowed from me (Lia Sophia)

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4 thoughts on “What We Wore: Christmas Eve

  1. I second Annie…I REALLY love your leopard cardi and have been searching high and low for a few months now. By any chance it may still have a tag on it? BTW – thank you for sharing your wardrobe and inspire us to change it up! =)

    • Thank you Lana! The tag on the cardigan says Lapis – I haven’t been able to find much online about it. Good luck on your cardi hunt! :)

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