Butterfly Terrarium Ornaments

Christmas just wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t DIY a few ornaments for our tree. This year, I used a tutorial from Design Sponge to create some beautiful butterfly terrarium ornaments. I love butterflies, and already have a few butterfly accents worked into my home decor. That said, ornaments such as these could easily be displayed year-round in our home!

Butterfly Terrarium Ornament

Butterfly Terrarium Ornaments

I was able to pick up all of my supplies at Michael’s – clear plastic ornaments, faux butterflies, moss, and twine. The butterflies I purchased came in a multi-colored pack of a dozen. They’re made with painted feathers, and are a little brittle, so I had to take great care when bending them to fit inside the ornaments. I used tweezers to arrange the contents of each ornament. To continue with the “natural” look, I used twine to create a hanger for the ornaments.

Butterfly Terrarium Ornament

Butterfly Terrarium Ornaments

When all was said and done, these ornaments cost less than $2 a pop. Simple, pretty, and affordable – I love it! I plan on sharing some more of our holiday decor next week – stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Butterfly Terrarium Ornaments

      • I just bought all the things to make these beautiful butterfly ornaments.
        Going to be part of my November/ December birthday party at work.
        I do need advice on how to squeeze the butterfly in without breaking them.
        Can you give me any advice?

  1. Hi Heather – the feather butterflies I used were very brittle, so I very slowly and carefully curled their wings so I could get them through the ornament opening. I then used tweezers to adjust their positioning. Hope that helps!

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