DIY Dress Up: Jersey Headband

I completed another DIY Dress Up e-course project over the weekend,  a turban-style headband! I’ve tied silk scarves in a similar manner before (see here and here), but this class tutorial taught me to make one from scratch. I had never worked with jersey cotton before, and to be honest, I was a little scared of it. The super soft, stretchy material seemed like it could be difficult to guide through my sewing machine. Qualms aside, I took on the challenge. I wanted a to use a jewel tone fabric for the headband, so I picked up this plum colored jersey cotton at JoAnn’s. Here is the final product.

DIY Dress Up: Jersey Headband

It’s much bulkier than I prefer for a headband – perhaps it will simply take a little time to get used to. Working with jersey cotton (especially such small pieces) did have its challenges. Oddly enough, the hardest part for me was trying to evenly cut the pieces and pin them into place. The edges kept curling in! Once I got to the actual sewing part, the project came along quickly.

DIY Dress Up: Jersey Headband

After completing the jersey headband, I wasn’t satisfied to stop there. I decided to create a second headband, but nix the jersey fabric. I used some leftover pieces of olive green animal print fabric, which I’d thrifted last year. I made an infinity scarf with the same fabric last winter, which you can see here.) It has a little “give” but is not too stretchy. I slightly tweaked the instructions to accommodate. Here is the result of the second headband!

Self-made Headband

The second headband is a lot less bulky, and frankly is more my style. I recently discovered that Anthropologie sells similar headbands for a whopping $48! I am quite content with mine which cost pocket change!

Self-made Headband

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