Creative Packaging For Handmade Jewelry

After an incredibly fun and busy weekend, yesterday’s rainy holiday was the perfect excuse to spend the day inside crafting away! The first little project I worked on was a gift for my best friend’s birthday. I created a cute set of earrings with a matching necklace using a silver toned chain and various turquoise beads. Their simplicity and coloring are just her style!

Creative Packaging For Handmade Jewelry

I love thinking of creative and resourceful ways to package my handmade gifts. To package this jewelry set, I used a decorative scrap of card stock (I believe this piece was leftover from a package of mailing labels) as the base. First, I laid out the various pieces so I knew how I wanted them to be spaced on the card. I cut two little notches at the top of the card stock and used them to hold the necklace in place. I used a tiny piece of scotch tape to secure the clasp in place on the back of the card so it wouldn’t slide around. I then carefully pierced two holes in the card stock using a push pin for the earrings to be secured.

Creative Packaging For Handmade Jewelry

I further decorated the card stock with a few stickers in a similar color scheme. I cut another piece of pretty card stock to cover the backside where the chain was secured and the earring backs poke out. I placed everything into a cellophane bag. I keep these on hand for packaging homemade note cards, but they are incredibly useful for other packaging purposes as well!

Creative Packaging For Handmade Jewelry

Voila! A simple and beautiful way to present a handmade jewelry gift! Paired with a thoughtful handmade card, this is the perfect thing to brighten someone’s day!

Creative Packaging For Handmade Jewelry

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