DIY Dress Up: Make Up Bag

I have made literally dozens of zipper pouches in the past – for sewing practice, for gifts, and for my own personal use. The latest DIY Dress Up e-course project I tackled was a make up bag. What set this pouch apart from the many others I’ve made is the fact that it has a clear vinyl lining to help protect the inner fabric from make up spills. Neat, huh?

DIY Dress Up: Make Up Bag

The exterior pink leopard fabric is a re-purposed thrifted place mat I purchased for 99 cents. The bright pink interior fabric was leftover from a pair of oven mitts I made for a gift. The zipper was purchased in a bulk lot from the Etsy store Zip It. The clear vinyl is from JoAnn’s, found in the home decor fabric section.

DIY Dress Up: Make Up Bag

Working with the clear vinyl was a new experience for me. I’ve worked with oilcloth before, however it wasn’t as stiff this vinyl. One of the most challenging things about this project was keeping the various layers lined up while sewing them together. Using pins wasn’t really possible, since they would damage the vinyl. My sewing machine also had a little difficulty chugging through all of the layers during some steps. There was one point where I was sewing through four layers of vinyl, as well as two layers of the lining fabric. Yikes!

DIY Dress Up: Make Up Bag

Challenges aside, I think the end result is super cute! I love the new knowledge about adding the vinyl lining. This would come in handy for making bigger projects such as a lunch box or even a beach bag!

PS – If you’re interested in learning how to sew a basic zipper pouch yourself, I recommend this tutorial from Skip To My Lou. I use these little pouches for everything!

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