Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Scones

I am a big fan of jalapenos, therefore I could not resist trying out this Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Scones recipe found via Food Coma. These savory scones incorporate chopped jalapenos and cubes of pepper jack cheese into the dough to create a super tasty snack!

Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Scones

The baking technique was interesting. The dough is formed into a big disc on a baking sheet and cut pizza-style so they puff up into connected, triangular wedges while baking. How good does this look?

Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Scones

The scones are best eaten fresh out of the oven, when the cheese is still melty. In my opinion, no added spread or butter is necessary – they are gooey and delicious! Sauteeing the jalapenos before working them into the dough tames a lot of their bite. In fact, I didn’t find these scones to be all that spicy! They cetainly had a peppery aftertaste, but by no means make you breathe fire. ;) They were dense and filling, and perfectly moist.

Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Scones

I still enjoyed eating the scones for breakfast a day or two after I made them. I’ve started using this cute glass jar to display baked goodies in my kitchen. I purchased this jar a few years ago to use as a part of a candy buffet at our wedding. I’m trying to go for a retro-bakery feel.

Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Scones

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