Secondhand Saturday: Teapots & Fawns

Well how about that, another all-neutral outfit! This time it’s for Secondhand Saturday.

Secondhand Saturday: Teapots & Fawns

Surprisingly, this belt hasn’t gotten any blog exposure yet. It was a garage sale find a few years ago for a mere 25 cents! It’s made by Brighton and has the cutest little teapots on it. I collect actual teapots, so I couldn’t resist this whimsical addition to my wardrobe.

Secondhand Saturday: Teapots & Fawns

Secondhand Saturday: Teapots & Fawns

Oh, and check out the ridiculously cute fawns napping in my backyard during this photo shoot. This is the second time this week that some forest critters decided to join me during my photos – just call me Snow White, haha! There are several sets of baby deer that we see regularly in our neighborhood. I could seriously watch them for hours – they are too cute!

Secondhand Saturday: Teapots & Fawns

Deer often congregate around the peach tree in our front yard, and eat the fruit which has fallen to the ground. The nature/wildlife are one of my favorite parts about where we live!

Fawns In My Backyard

Shirt – thrifted
Cardigan – thrifted (Banana Republic)
Skirt – secondhand via a blog sale
Shoes – secondhand via eBay (Bandolino)
Necklace – secondhand via Smashion
Belt – garage sale (Brighton)

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