What I Wore: Ruffles & Dots

For today’s outfit, I wore a slight variation of this outfit worn on Easter. I switched up the skirt and added a belt to define my waist a little more. I love the combination of the ruffles and dots! By the way, please pardon the totally boring photo background (pouring rain + no good lighting anywhere inside the house = sub-par photos).

What I Wore: Ruffles & Dots

I’m crazy about this nail polish color. It’s a lovely muted purple, which works well with a wider variety of outfits than my brighter purple polishes. In middle school, I used to paint my nails just about every other day to match my outfits. My nail polish obsession hasn’t subsided, but my free time sure has! Nowadays, I paint my nails about once a week (or whenever the polish starts to chip). I almost never go to a salon to have my nails done. I have quite an arsenal of nail polishes to do them myself! ;)

What I Wore: Ruffles & DotsShirt – Target
Cardigan – thrifted (Banana Republic)
Skort – thrifted (The Limited)
Shoes – Lindsay Phillips
Belt – New York & Co.
Tights – Payless
Nails – OPI, Parlais Vous OPI

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