Home Decor Inspiration: Master Bath

Last week I shared a peek at my inspiration board for painting and decorating our master bedroom. This week I’m sharing my plan for the master bath. Here is my inspiration board!

Master Bath Decor Inspiration

I have always been drawn to decor with a celestial theme. I have had a celestial themed shower curtain for ages, which I plan on revolving this room’s decor around. The walls will be a deep navy blue, surrounded by white and metallic accents. I have a few small celestial themed items such as mirrors and candle holders which will serve as smaller decor. The best part is that all if the small accessories are thrifted! I don’t want the room to seem cheesy or over the top with the celestial theme, but rather have an elegant, grown-up feel.

There is zero storage space in the master bathroom, so we will probably install some kind of wall cabinet to accommodate my nail polish collection (haha). I have a set of glass jars that I use to store cotton balls, q-tips, etc. in an organized, accessible way. And in my opinion, no bathroom is complete with candles for a relaxing bubble bath. :)

Thanks for letting me show you a peek at my inspiration board. I’ll have another one to share next week!

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