Project Restyle: Dyed Lace Shirt

Besides making tie-dye t-shirts as a kid, I hadn’t ever used dye as a means to “refresh” or update a piece of clothing. I was inspired by a video tutorial by Marisa from New Dress A Day to try it out this past weekend! By the way, if you aren’t familiar with New Dress A Day, hop on over there asap! Marisa is a DIY genius and has mad skills when it comes to making something gorgeous and wearable out of something frumpy and laughable.

Project Restyle: Lace Shirt BeforeIn Marisa’s video tutorial, she transformed a white H&M dress with lace detail into a fun fuchsia number. It got me thinking about a white H&M top in my own closet which I like, but hardly wear. Before buying this shirt, I had worn white three times in my life: high school graduation, college graduation, and my wedding. I am ultra-pale, and it just isn’t a flattering color on me. I loved the lace detail on this shirt, so I bought it regardless. I have only worn it a few times, and it was looking a little dingy and sad hanging in my closet. Needless to say, this top was a perfect candidate for trying out the dye tutorial!

Project Restyle: Lace Shirt BeforeThe color Petal Pink from RIT was my choice of dye. I used the washing machine method that Marissa suggested. I set my washing machine to a warm water setting, put the shirt in once the water filled up, and added the whole package of dye powder as soon as the shirt was totally wet. Since I wasn’t 100% sure how long the wash cycle of my washing machine was, I paused the washer once the dye was evenly mixed into the water to ensure ample soaking time in the dye. I resumed the wash cycle after about 15 minutes.

Project Restyle: Lace Shirt with DyeOnce the cycle was complete, I ran the newly tinted shirt through the washer one more time on a cold water setting with a little detergent. This was just to ensure all traces of dye were washed out of both the garment and the washer itself. Here is the final result – a nice, even coloring! I was pleased that the dye didn’t “latch” to the lace detail. It provided a nice contrast.

Project Restyle: Dyed Lace ShirtSeeing the “before” and “after” photos side by side, I am quite happy with the result. Dying a garment is a simple transformation process which can breathe new life into something old or unused. I feel like I have a cute brand new shirt for spring!

Before & After - Lace Shirt RestyleI look forward to both dressing up and dressing down this top. The first time I wore the top after the dye job, I opted to dress down for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Project Restyle: Dyed Lace ShirtShirt – H&M (dyed by me)
Cardigan – thrifted (Banana Republic)
Jeans – Levi’s
Shoes – Lindsay Phillips
Belt – Forever 21 (came with a skirt)

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3 thoughts on “Project Restyle: Dyed Lace Shirt

  1. Question… I was going to dye a lace dress that has an undersheath. The lace is cotton you can tell because i can stretch it, the label says the dress is 70% cotton 30 % poly. Its cream and I want to dye it brown… seeing your shirt made me wonder if it would take??? I wonder why the lace didnt turn pink too? thoughts? thanks

    • Hi Cindy – great question! The lace on the shirt I dyed was made from man-made fiber (100% polyester I think), which doesn’t hold dye well. Natural fibers like cotton have a much better chance of having the dye “latch” onto it. Though, as with any dying project, the results can be hard to predict. Good luck!

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