Day 2 of 30

Today was a dreary, slushy day, which seemed like the perfect occasion to wear my cheery yellow cardigan. I have been (slowly) working my way through the blogs of other remixers – holy cow, there are so many! I have seen a good handful already who have chosen a similar yellow cardigan as part of their 30 items. I think it is such a great color for winter – it helps bring a little “sunshine” into those cold, snowy days. Here is my outfit for day 2!

Day 2 of 30This dress was a garage sale find a few years ago for a mere 25 cents! How could I not take it home? I often have a hard time with clothing with prints and patterns…my tastes seem to change so frequently. This dress has become a staple for me though, I love it! This belt was a great thrifted find too.

Day 2 of 30Dress – garage sale (Forever 21)
Cardigan – Forever 21
Pants – Urban Outfitters
Boots – Urban Outfitters
Scarf – New York & Co.
Belt – thrifted
Earrings – Claire’s (not visible)

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