Lemon Salmon With Lima Beans

Salmon is one fish that makes it onto my dinner menu on a semi-regular basis. I was just looking for a simple, yet different way to prepare salmon with some of my pantry staples, and came across this recipe for Lemon Salmon with Lima Beans. To be completely honest, I did not expect this recipe to be blog-worthy, but boy was I blown away!

Lemon Salmon With Lima Beans

The salmon prep couldn’t be easier. It is simply sprinkled with a mix of salt, pepper, and paprika (I used smoked paprika because it has such a marvelous depth of flavor). Each piece of salmon is layered with a slice of lemon, and they are then broiled until just cooked through. The lima beans are prepared on the stove top with olive oil, garlic, oregano, parsley, red pepper flakes, and lemon zest. The original recipe also includes a yogurt sauce, which I skipped because I’d run out of yogurt (oops).

Lemon Salmon With Lima Beans

The seasoning on this salmon created a wonderful crusty exterior, and the inside of the salmon was perfectly tender. The lemon charred beautifully in the broiler, and basically disintegrated when I squeezed it over the fish. Every bite was worth savoring! The lima beans were quite tasty too. I’ve eaten lima beans pretty much the same way my entire life – simply boiled. Now that I’ve experienced a lima bean dish with a more complex flavor, I don’t think I’ll be turning back! My husband and I both agreed that this was the best way we’ve prepared salmon to date, and we will be making this our go-to salmon recipe! Hooray!

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