Tried & True Tutorial: DIY Bow Belt

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Tried & True Tutorial feature! Since moving into my new house, most of my free time and effort has been going towards home improvements and decorating. Now that we’re a little more settled in, I have finally been able to get back to sewing a bit, hooray! I have been wanting a bow belt for a long, long time. I decided to make my own after spotting this tutorial from Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns. I had some leftover scraps from altering this vintage yellow pencil skirt, so I figured it was the perfect material to use for my bow belt. Waste not, want not!

Tried & True Tutorials: DIY Bow Belt

Kimmie’s tutorial was straightforward and easy to follow. What appealed to me about this project was that the decorative bow masks the hook and eye closure which is great for a seamless look (no bunchiness, no awkward tie or buckle at the back). I made a few measurement adjustments since I was using leftover scraps, but otherwise followed the tutorial as-is. I opted to use a scrap of leopard ribbon for the bow’s center for a personal touch.

Tried & True Tutorials: DIY Bow Belt

I am very pleased with the results! The project didn’t take me all too long, and I can envision wearing the belt with a variety of outfits. Down the road, I will probably make one or two more in varying colors. I think they’re so cute!

Tried & True Tutorials: DIY Bow Belt

On another exciting note, I recently signed up for the e-course DIY Dress Up. It is a series of sewing projects which focus on making and refashioning clothing and accessories. I am psyched! When I took Home Ec, I was a brand new sewer with little skills or knowledge. Each project was a big challenge, and an even bigger accomplishment once I finished. Now that I have some sewing experience, I am looking forward to creating some more unique touches to my wardrobe. I will certainly be posting photos of my projects as I make my way through the course!

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